To protect artists from being spammed, a conversation with someone outside of your network starts when the receiver answers back to a message sent within a track. If the receiver doesn't answer back, the sender can't keep sending messages with that track.

How we display your messages:

You can send your tracks outside of your network with or without a message, although we recommend to always add a message since it would be the only way to start a conversation. The star of the show is "your track". To keep everything organised, messages you receive back on your tracks will conveniently be compiled under the track's name.

  • Tracks from your inbox: 

Messages from tracks in your inbox will appear under the sender's name. If anyone sends you more than one track, these messages will also appear under the artist's name.

You can send messages through open groups, directly from the group page or using the messages section. These messages will appear under the group's name and will be visible to all members.

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